Lacey (A42225601)

Status : Adopted
Gender : Female
Date of Birth: 4/21/2016
Breed: American Bulldog
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UTD in vacc- yes
Good w Men-yes
Never met cats
Crate trained-yes. Will provide new owner w crate
Good on leash-yes
Only knows basic commands. Listens very well
Doesn’t jump up on people.
Potty trained-yes
Loves chew toys, ropes, deer antlers, raw hides
Good on car rides.
Treat motivated.
She’s timid and nervous around loud noise like fireworks and thunder. Her favorite spot is in the bathroom during fireworks. She loves water and baths. Loves to chase the water hose while trying to water our flower beds. Likes to chase bubbles. Play fetch with tennis balls. Enjoys belly rubs and head scratches. Lifts her paw at you if you stop petting her. Very sweet girl. Doesn’t bark at doorbell either.