Clark (A39771141)

Status : Adopted
Gender : Male
Date of Birth: 9/2015
Breed: Finnish Spitz Mix
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Meet Clark, a 3 yr old Finnish Spitz mix. If you are looking for a companion that will show you unconditional devotion and love, then Clark may be your buddy!  He was rescued at 3 months of age and has been with a family that he dearly loves. Due to a permanent medical condition in the family,
Clark sadly finds himself needing a new home. Clark is an amazing dog. He is playful, loving, and devoted. Clark is crate-trained, fully potty trained, smart, loves toys and is treat driven.  The ideal home would be with his house mate and best friend, Bruce.
We are looking for a home where the two could be placed together.
In Clark and Bruce’s current living situation, their person works from home. These two spend their day happily and quietly keeping their person company, but also really enjoy when playtime comes around!
These two  are sweet and well-behaved boys who would be a wonderful match for any family who would offer them security and love.