Bane (A42774484)

Status : Adopted
Gender : Male
Date of Birth: 9/19/2014
Breed: Boxer
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Bane is very sweet and gentle. Very lazy and easy going personality. He does okay with other pets though he is the Alpha with my other two dogs so he may be best with smaller dogs. Bane was raised with other children in the home and does very well with them.  He is very gentle and very sweet but very strong however so baths could be tough.  He doesn’t resist so much as it’s just hard to get him into the tub. Bane is up to date on his vaccines and is microchipped. He is 5 years old and he is an indoor dog. He is potty trained and is able to ring doorbells at the door to go outside. He is very timid around strangers and may be may be uneasy at first. He is a fantastic family dog.