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Foster Application

Foster care for a rescue dog or cat can last as long as 6 months. Are you able to make that commitment?
 Yes No
Information About Your Household

Your Name:*

Your Age:*

Home Address:*

City, State, Zip:*

Home Phone:*

Alternate Phone:

Email:* (Please verify accuracy)


Employer Phone:

Number of Persons in the Household:


Their ages:


Their ages:

Do you rent or own your home:

If you rent, do you have the landlord’s permission to keep a dog or cat?

If you rent, please provide the name and telephone number of the landlord or property manager:

Landlord/Prop Manager Name:


Information About Pets You Currently Own

Please list all pets who currently reside at the dwelling




Number Male Dogs:

Number Female Dogs:

Are all dogs spayed or neutered?

If no, why not?

Do dogs stay indoors or outdoors?




Number Male Cats:

Number Female Cats:

Are all cats spayed or neutered?

If no, why not?

Are any cats declawed?

Do cats stay indoors or outdoors?

Do you have a doggie door?

Are all pets current on shots?

If no, why not?

Name of current veterinary clinic:

Clinic address:

Phone number:

Name of current veterinarian:

Can we contact your current veterinarian for reference:

Information About Your Home Environment

Is everyone in this dwelling aware that a foster pet is being brought into the household?

Indicate how you currently feed pets in your home:

Will the foster pet be kept separately from other pets or with them?

Where will the foster pet stay during the day?

How large is your yard (approximately):

Is it securely fenced?

If you have a fenced yard, what type is it:

What is the height of your fence:

About how many hours per day will your pet be outdoors:

Do you have a pool?

If yes, is it securely fenced?

If your yard is not fenced, how do you plan to ensure that the foster pet, if a dog, receives adequate exercise:

Where will the foster pet sleep?

What arrangements are you willing to make for your foster pet if you need to go away for a few days?

How many consecutive hours a day are you away from home for work, school, etc.:

Are you willing to have a home visit completed before an animal is placed in your home:

Are you able to transfer a foster pet to the vet for appointments?

Do you have experience with:

Please list any additional information/special skills you have that may assist us in finding the proper foster pet for you:

Why do you want to foster?


Please list two references (not a family member):





City, State, Zip:





City, State, Zip:


Do you agree to return your foster animal to Homes for Pets/Schertz Humane Society if you are requested to do so, and understand that all placements must be approved by the Schertz Humane Society? By becoming a foster parent, I am agreeing to abide by all foster care and adoption policies and procedures. I am entering into an agreement with Homes for Pets/Schertz Humane Society and understand that HfP/SHS must approve all adoption applications, so I will not promise anyone that they can adopt my foster. Of course HfP/SHS will be happy to receive adoption referrals and recommendations. If you are considering adopting your foster yourself, HfP/SHS will consider your application prior to placing the pet in another home. I also agree that if, at any time in the future, I cannot continue being a foster caregiver for ANY reason, I will not give away, sell or euthanize the pet(s) in my care. I will contact or call 210.619.1980 for arrangements to be made to move the pet(s) into other foster homes within HfP/SHS foster care program. I realize that this may not be immediate and arrangements will need to be made. I understand that HfP/SHS will be responsible for any medical expenses within reason that may occur while the pet is in my care. If a veterinary visit is necessary, please contact HfP/SHS, so that approval with our vet, and/or payment can be arranged. DO NOT contact our vet offices yourself.

Do you understand that particularly rescue animals, having been abandoned by their previous owners, come with a lot of “baggage” and may have separation anxiety, may need to re-learn how to behave in a house environment and to bond with you and your other pets?

By submitting this application, I attest that to the best of my knowledge, the information provided is accurate and complete at the time of submission. I understand that falsely provided information could mean that my application will be terminated.

Submit Your Application

Please look over your answers above, then press the “Send” button below to email your information to Homes for Pets/Schertz Humane Society. We appreciate your time and effort in completing this application and in your interest in providing foster care.

Schertz Humane Society

Homes for Pets (the Schertz Humane Society) serves the Schertz, Texas and surrounding San Antonio areas.


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